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Seema S. Aceves, MD, PhD
• NIH funded study (R01) on the mechanisms of tissue remodeling in eosinophilic esophagitis (EoE) (the role of pro-inflammatory and pro-fibrotic molecules), diagnosis (biomarker discovery), and treatment options and their effects on disease complications such as esophageal remodeling 
• DOD funded study of the genetics of food allergic EoE
• Executive Council member, The International Gastrointestinal Eosinophil Research Network
• Editorial Board of Journal of Allergy and Clinical Immunology
• New Grant: AAAAI/APFED HOPE Pilot Project in Eosinophilic Diseases

John F. Bastian, MD
• Difficult asthma
• Immunodeficiency disorders

Jane C. Burns, MD
• The pathophysiology, immunology, diagnosis, etiology, treatment, genetics, epidemiology and history of Kawasaki disease 
• A multicenter, randomized placebo-controlled clinical trial of infliximab plus IVIG for primary treatment of Kawasaki disease
• Call-back study of adolescents and young adults with a history of Kawasaki disease in childhood

Johanna Chang, MD
• Pediatric Joint Ultrasound
• Coinvestigator on several CARRA clinical trials

Alessandra M. Franco, MD, PhD
• T-cell repertoire in Kawasaki disease
• Biological function of IVIG therapy
• Immune-regulation in infants and young children
• Cytotoxic T cell biology
• Carbohydrate T cell recognition 
• Designer glycopeptides containing tumor-associated carbohydrate antigens as vaccines for prevention/treatment of epithelial cancer 

Hal M. Hoffman, MD
• Role of innate immunity and IL-1 therapy in autoinflammatory disorders 
• Characterization of cryopyrin inflammasome function using a number of experimental models, including in vitro cell lines, ex vivo monocytes and genetically modified mice 
• Genetic basis of rare inherited disorders including congenital diarrheas, rare urticarial, and immunodeficiency, and autoinflammatory disorders
• Inflammatory mechanisms involved in periodic fever disorders of childhood

Anthony A. Horner, MD
• Characterization of the molecular content and immunological activities of sterile house dust extracts to better define the immunomodulatory role living environments have on the genesis of allergic diseases
• Translational studies to determine if house dust extract bioactivities are predictive of the intrinsic allergic risk associated with being raised in their homes of origin
• Treatment of allergic diseases with toll-like receptor ligands and other immune-modulatory molecules
• Development of a new generation multiplex assay to detect IgE to peanut alergens and to measure their binding affinities (Collaboration with Genalyte)

 Stephanie Leonard, MD
• Principle Investigator of Clinical trial at RCHSD site, for novel treatments of peanut allegy

Karin Peterson, MD, PhD
• Immundeficiency disorders

Robert M. Sheets, MD
• Clinical trials of new treatments for pediatric rheumatologic diseases including the TREAT study

Chisato Shimizu, MD
• Genetics and molecular pathogenesis of Kawasaki disease

Ilona S. Szer, MD
• Conducts several clinical trials of new treatments for juvenile arthritis and pediatric rheumatologic diseases 
• As member of CARRA, Dr. Szer participates in the evaluation and implementation of multicenter studies in Pediatric Rheumatology
• Chair of DSMB for two current trials